The name B.B.R. is taken from the names of the company founders who started this fantastic adventure 30 years ago; Balestrini, Barberis and Reali. Of the three founders only two remain today, as Barberis returned to his original profession as a dentist. B.B.R. began in a small room in Saronno, northern Italy, where inspiration, imagination and a passion for the automobile came together to create what we are proud to call our “miniature masterpieces”. Alberto Balestrini shows considerable manual aptitude and as a passionate collector of the cars of Ken Tyrrell he soon gained a deserved reputation as a highly skilled modeller, using sheet metal and plaster to create, in miniature, the English cars which dominated F1 in the early 1970s. Nando Reali has the business brain and represents the commercial side of a company that, from the early days with the Styling Range of models, has been met with approval and support among the ever growing group of ‘special’ model collectors.



Something you should know about BBR 

BBR have a few price range for different packing, so you might find some cheaper prices listed on internet , please kindly take note as below 


1) there is different version for packing come with Crystal display box or wooden box , even have no display box, our store will shown very clear for user to avoid any mistaken

2) Based : Leather Based or Wooden Based